Production Server Requirements

Here is the minimum requirement configuration that the server must have in order to have the best user experience on eRegistrations system :

  • Operating system : System can be run on all popular platforms (Linux, Windows or OSX/macOS). Still we (UNCTAD) are capable to provide support only for latest versions of Ubuntu and Arch Linux distributions. In light of that we strongly recommend using those. If however you prefer to run application from different system, you need to ensure in your scope an experienced administrator for given type of operating system, which will proceed with system installation.

  • RAM : At least 8 GB

  • Hard drive : at least 200 GB of disk space on fast Solid State Drive (SSD or as efficient)

  • Cores : at least 4 CPU cores (8 CPU cores are recommended)

  • Guaranteed bandwidth : 200 Mbit/s

  • Dedicated server only (please do not consider any virtual machines, and VPS based setups, their efficiency is limited)