Training 1: Administrator eRegistration - 1

The result of this training is a UNCTAD diploma of "eRegistrations administrator (level 1)".


  • Acquire global knowledge about the eRegistrations architecture
  • Edit an existing service with simple modifications


5 days

Trainee profile

  • At least 5 years of professional experience with any programming language (e.g. Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C# etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript an interest to use this language
  • Knowledge of the concept of version control and it application with git


  • Registered Github account
  • Forked eregistrations-demo project into personal account
  • A computer with installed and running eregistrations-demo (pointing to forked repository). See the installation chapter in the documentation.
  • Configured code editor together with lint validation

Training plan

Day Duration Description Support
Day 1 1 hour Verification of installation and editor setup on local machines Mac OS X
Windows 10
Day 1 6 hours Fundamentals of JavaScript - presentation and training by @medikoo Fundamentals of JavaScript
Day 2 2 hours Fundamentals of JavaScript - presentation and training by @medikoo link
Day 2 3 hours eRegistrations framework and code organization - presentation by @medikoo link
Day 2 2 hours Working with Github - presentation and training by @medikoo 501
Day 3 7 hours Exercices:
  • Change name of a service on My Account homepage
  • Set the icon that represents the service
  • Change the label of a registration
  • Make registration applicable and/or mandatory depending on a condition
  • Define a new field for the guide
  • Add a trigger for an initial question of the guide
  • Mark certificate as electronic only
Day 4 7 hours Exercices:
  • Change the label of a requirement
  • Add a legend to the requirement
  • Add a legend to the requirement upload in the documents page
  • Make requirement of registration conditionally required (via determinant)
  • Add a tooltip to a cost in the guide
  • Change a fixed cost in a registration
  • Add a legend to payment receipt upload in the payments page
  • Configure one payment receipt for many costs
Day 5 7 hours Exercices:
  • Add a legend to of a field of the form and make it mandatory
  • Configure determinant for a field
  • Add a special format for a field
  • Change the label of the section of the form
  • Add the legend text to the section of the form
  • Change the name of a role
  • Change the place of a role in the Part B flow
  • Change a field in processing role
  • Mark uploaded document as needed to be shown at Front Desk
  • Add a variable in an email