Training 2: Administrator eRegistration - 2

The result of this training is a UNCTAD diploma of "eRegistrations administrator (level 2)".


  • Strength knowledge about the eRegistrations architecture
  • Edit an existing service with advanced modifications


4 days

Trainee profile

  • At least 5 years of professional experience with any programming language (e.g. Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, C# etc.)
  • Basic knowledge of JavaScript an interest to use this language
  • Knowledge of the concept of version control and it application with git


  • Training 1 must have been completed (and same requirements need to be met)

Training plan

Day Duration Description Support
Day 1 7 hours Exercices:
  • Initialize (add) new service
  • Add new registration to a service
  • Add another certificate to a registration
  • Configure requirement to resolve to different documents depending on some condition
  • Create selector field and add it to the form
Day 2 7 hours Exercices:
  • Create a new section in the form
  • Create a new section with tables in the form
  • Create a new tab in tabbed view of forms page
Day 3 7 hours Exercices:
  • Add a role (processing step)
  • Configure the "Sent back for correction" feature to a role
  • Configure the "Reject file" feature of a role
  • Remove a role
Day 4 7 hours Exercices:
  • Set the emails sent for a certain status of the file
  • Add a column to the list of files for one role
  • Display specified subset of certificates for certain role